Don’t you believe it!

SJackieo I find out that my Uncle Jim, that’s the one from Boston not the one from Chattanooga, has made up this story called First Night or something and it’s about me and Alex, except he says it isn’t and my friend Clarisse says I should sue but my other friend Martha says I can’t if Uncle Jim says that it bears no relation to me living or dead or something like that so I’ll just have to put up with it.

It’s written by this guy called Tom Weston but I know its Uncle Jim really and that is just an alias he used and it’s got ghosts in it. All my friends are laughing at me now because this character, Jackie in the book, which isn’t really me, is stupid. Well Uncle Jim says it’s just a work of fiction and I can believe it because in the book he gave Alex a brain, like he was the Wizard of Oz or something.

Well anyway I guess you should check it out because Uncle Jim says if it makes him a lot of money he’ll take me and Alex on vacation to Italy. Actually Aunt Anne was the one that said that because Uncle Jim never says anything; he just complains a lot, not like the Uncle Jim in the book.