First Night – First Review

First NightCassandra Mae reviewing for

5 Stars – Extremely Unique Book!

“First Night” by Tom Weston is like no other book I’ve read before. I really like that it gives history of Boston mixed in with a fantastic storyline.

Two young girls from San Diego meet a ghost in an awkward way. The girls are visiting their aunt and uncle in Boston when they should be partying New Years Eve in San Diego.

The ghost, Sarah, is from the year 1688 which makes for a fun comparison on what it used to be like and everyday things Sarah finds odd nowadays. Imagine living in 1688 and coming to this day and age! All three go on a wild adventure. While going through all of this, Sarah must prove her innocence in a very strange case…..

I highly recommend this book as it will peak your curiosity and keep you reading for hours.

A big thanks to Cassandra and Reader Spoils.