Tom’s Virtual Book Tour Schedule

Tom’s Virtual Book Tour in support of First Night has been finalized. Join his hosts as they review First Night, interview Tom, or invite him to guest blog. Tom will be adding his two-cent worth, when and where possible, so if you have a question for him, let us know.

Here is his schedule:

6/07/09 The First Page  
7/07/09 Divine Caroline  
7/07/09 BCF Reviews  
8/07/09 The Book Stacks  
9/07/09 As the Pages Turn  
10/07/09 Scribe Vibe  


13/07/09 Book Madness  
14/07/09 Paperback Writer  
16/07/09 Just Me  
17/07/09 Home Sweet Home  
17/07/09 The Real Hollywood  


20/07/09 A Journey of Books  
21/07/09 A Journey of Books  
22/07/09 A Journey of Books  
22/07/09 The Review From Here  
23/07/09 The Book Connection  
23/07/09 Bibliophiles ‘R’ Us  
24/07/09 Fiction Scribe  


27/07/09 Zensanity  
27/07/09 So Many Books, So Little Time  
28/07/09 Must and Lust for Books  
29/07/09 Must and Lust for Books  
30/07/09 The Plot  
31/07/09 The Plot  
31/07/09 Good Girls Read Books