Awesome Read!

The Elf of LuxembourgSays Jennifer S, in her review of The Elf of Luxembourg.

Alex and Jackie are just two girls out to see the world and are visiting their Aunt and Uncle in Luxembourg. While visiting they learn a little about the history of the area and get mixed up in several, centuries old, love stories.

The story covers Spain’s and England’s quest for gold and the city of El Dorado. As part of this tale, the love story of one Native American for his wife and son and all he endures because of his love for them is told as part of many larger events. His life and the fall out of the events related to it in turn affect modern day events.

Alex and Jackie happen to be at the right place at the right time to become involved with a centuries’ old conflict between Elves and Vampires. As the plots and counter plots unfold the girls are thrown into danger but also stumble upon the key to resolving the age old conflict and reunite old lovers and their daughter.

The book “Elf of Luxembourg “Being a Love Story”” by Tom Weston jumps back and forth in history to tell a thoroughly enjoyable tale of hope, love and mythical beings. I recommend it as fun light reading especially for teenaged readers.

Thank your Jennifer.