I loved the details and twists in the plotline.

The Elf of LuxembourgMany thanks to: NiteStar at bookshipper blogspot for this review of The Elf of Luxembourg.

The Elf of Luxembourg is actually the second book in a series introducing sisters Alex and Jackie. In the second book, we find the sisters heading to Luxembourg, in order to catch some great old Vampire movies at the Capucins Theater – but wait! not all is what it seems and when the sisters discover a mysterious coin – complete with elf – odd and mystical things start happening – after all – Vampires cannot really exist? right?

This book was fun and kept me engaged – and this is quite a chore since, as a rule, vampires are not my thing. I liked the main characters and the author created two smart and intelligent girls – which added another layer to the storyline.

I found myself kind of creeped out at times, but mysteriously, at the same time, I loved the details and twists in the plotline.

This book was an excellent and engaging read.