Not your average tween story

The Elf of Luxembourg

So says Amy Willingham reviewing The Elf of Luxembourg on Amazon.

How much trouble can two sisters get into? What does a mysterious coin, an elf, and vampires have in common? They all make one interesting, entertaining, and fast paced read that will have you page turning to find out what happens next. This is not your average tween vampire book, but an adventure that holds so much more.

Sisters Alex and Jackie are traveling with both their aunt and uncle in this sequel to “First Night”, but this time their journey takes them to Luxembourg. Surrounded by history, mystery and intrigue, these two sisters are thrown into a world that they only thought was fantasy. They learn that past events shape the world that we know now. Nothing is what it really seems to be.

Author Tom Weston does a beautiful job setting up this story, and it is a wonderful sequel to his fist. He does an exceptional job blending the real history of the area but also making it fun and exciting. This is a story that will have you guessing what will happen next, and is not your average tween story. If vampires are not your thing, no need to worry for this is not just about vampires but about so much more. It’s about believing in yourself, staying true to what you know, and being there when things get tough. It’s a story that will not only appeal to girls but also to boys. I recommend this as some fun light paced reading with a good dose of adventure and mystery.

Many thanks Amy