The Elf of Luxembourg – First Review – Woo Hoo!

The Elf of LuxembourgOur very first review for The Elf of Luxembourg has just landed, courtesy of Billy Burgess over at ReviewTheBook.

The teenage California sisters from “First Night” are back. Once again, Alex and Jackie are traveling with their aunt and uncle, but this time they are in Luxembourg. The girls are enjoying their vacation, and are especially excited about seeing the old Dracula movie at the Capucins Theater. Of course the girls know that vampires aren’t real? Or are there vampires in Luxembourg looking for Alex and Jackie?

After Jackie receives a mysterious looking coin, an elf comes into their lives and turns their vacation into an journey they will soon never forget.

“The Elf of Luxembourg” is an exciting, fast-paced sequel. Tom Weston has wonderfully blended historical facts with supernatural fiction. My first thought was, “Not another teen vampire novel.” But after reading the first chapter, I knew this was a clever story that just happens to have a few vampires in it. Alex and Jackie are fun, energetic characters that both male and female readers will connect with. The book is just as charming at the “First Night.” I recommend “The Elf of Luxembourg” to everyone who enjoys a good adventure.

He gave the Elf 5 stars. Many thanks, Billy.