Two sisters, an elf, and a vampire walk into a store….

The Elf of Luxembourg. . . begins this review of The Elf of Luxembourg by G Reba.

Though my review title suggests a humorous moment to come, you are actually in store for quite an adventure into a side of Luxembourg you have never imagined. “The Elf of Luxembourg” by Tom Weston tells a story of two sisters discovering that life in Luxembourg is well….more than the sum of discovering their favorite shops and purchases. The city has always held a certain mystique to it, moving the mask aside ever so slighty after dark, but Alex and Jackie are about to find out just how much magic and lore are actually built into the city’s foundation. What do you get when you introduce a pair of shopping happy sisters, a vampire, an elf, and a magic coin? A rather interesting tale you won’t soon forget….

Author Tom Weston takes the reader on an enjoyable adventure from page one straight through the end. The writing style allows you to meet the characters “face to face” and climb inside their understanding, their vision of their situation, thus drawing you into the story even more. One thing appreciated by this reader is the opening “author’s note” section in which he lays to rest any thought of the events being real and/or historically accurate. Often times in reading works of fantasy or fiction, real-world history leaks in, but you’re never quite sure where it ends. Mr. Weston tells you straight out the gate that although he alludes to certain events, the work is from his mind and his mind alone….so don’t go running to the nearest history book to confirm a fact or small detail. Although I was able to enjoy Alex and Jackie’s story with eyes wide open, I did discover that it is in fact a sequel (the first book being “First Night”). Nevertheless, the adventure stands on its own, a very wise choice by author Tom Weston indeed….this way you can enjoy whichever adventure you pick up first and look forward to the happy surprise of another waiting for you o nthe horizon. Recommended reading for those that enjoy the YA fantasy genre with a bit of history in the mix….whether young of young at heart, it’s a story that can be enjoyed by all.

Another great review for the Elf.