June is 2 for 1 Month.

Congratulations to Irma Hadzalic for winning our May Giveaway and an autographed copy of The Elf of Luxembourg. For everyone else, our next drawing on June 1st.

Because I’m in the middle of my May Virtual Tour, and hence in a giving mood, we’ll have two autographed copies of First Night as the Prize this time, and this is how we’ll decide who gets them:

The first copy will be given, as usual, to the FaceBook fan that is selected at random when the drawing is made on June 1st.

Here’s the good bit – The second copy will be given to the FaceBook fan nominated by the winner of the first copy.

The only rule is that both winners have to be FaceBook fans of Tom’s when the drawing is made.

As usual, if you are already a fan, you are already entered; but if you’d like to see the second copy going to that someone special, but they are not a FaceBook fan at the time of the drawing, then they’ll miss out – So encourage them to visit us at: and join the party.