fission – part 1 – now online!


We’ve officially started the ball rolling on the serialization of fission by publishing the first chapter, entitled ‘fade in’, online.

For those who have read First Night or The Elf of Luxembourg, I’ll be quite honest and say “Alex and Jackie, it ain’t”, but I hope that doesn’t deter you from reading. The story of Lise Meitner is one that proves the old adage, truth is stranger than fiction.

Adapted from my screenplay, fission is a novel, but it is far from being a work of fiction. Other than a bit of artistic license and invention for the sake of storytelling, this is a true story and, wherever possible in such a format, I have plagiarized the historic archives to allow these characters to tell this story in their own words.

Nevertheless, I have taken liberties with characterization and events, and I would recommend everyone read the history for themselves before determining the veracity and accuracy of my interpretation.

As we roll out the story, I hope that this becomes an interactive experience for us all. It is quite likely that your feedback will shape the chapters yet to be written. Please feel free to point out the typos (after all – we are live and without a net – or editor) or to correspond.

I hope that you enjoy fission. If you do, encourage your friends to read it. If not, at least spread the word about Lise Meitner – one of the most important women ever to have lived.