spirited adventure, romance, mystery and magic

The Elf of Luxembourg

5.0 out of 5 stars Fun fantasy adventure.”

Says Theresa Hurley in her Amazon review of The Elf of Luxembourg.

“The Elf of Luxembourg” by Tom Weston is the second in the series of the adventures of two sisters Alex and Jackie. The book is completely independent of the first book in the series, “First Night,” and is totally enjoyable without having read the first book. “The Elf of Luxembourg” is filled with spirited adventure, romance, mystery and magic. Complete with vampires, a mysterious coin and an elf, also known as the Guardian, you will definitely enjoy accompanying the girls on their family trip to Luxemborg. Mr. Weston did a great job of balancing the events of the past with those of the present in this enchanting mystical work of fiction. The book can easily be enjoyed by teenagers and adults that enjoy a fantasy adventure.

Thank you, Theresa.

Regards Tom