The Elf of Luxembourg – Review

The Elf of Luxembourg

 Entertaining YA Fantasy Adventure.

“The Elf of Luxembourg,” written by Tom Weston is the second Alex and Jackie adventure, but you can enjoy this sequel without having read the first book-I did. Though it seemed slow going at first, I was soon pulled into each of the multiple story threads. The story bounces between a couple of viewpoints in the present as we are shown scenes from the sisters’ perspective as well as scenes from the perspectives of the Elf (AKA the Guardian)and a group of Vampires. There is also a romantic story thread which takes place in the past.

Jackie is given a mysterious gold coin-a thank you from a couple she assumes to be tourists and the fate of the sisters becomes entangled in an age old conflict between the elves and the vampires. I enjoyed the sparring between the sisters; their characters seemed distinct and well drawn. And who doesn’t like to see thwarted lovers reunited? I recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure novels.

Thanks to Alien Lurker for this review of The Elf of Luxembourg.