. . . a compelling story of fantasy, mysticism, suspense and adventure.

The Elf of Luxembourg

5.0 out of 5 stars

Deb F. gives The Elf of Luxembourg 5 stars in this Amazon review.

In “The Elf of Luxembourg” by Tom Weston, we join sisters Alex and Jackie on an exciting and dangerous adventure. Alex and Jackie are on vacation visiting their Aunt and Uncle who live in Luxembourg completely unaware of the danger surrounding them. A chance encounter with an attractive stranger turns into a meeting of destiny. The stranger turns out to be an Elf also known as the guardian, the guardian of “El Dorado” The Elf knows Alex and Jackie have a unique gift. A gift the girls are completely unaware of.

Meadow and Jupiter are vampires whose mission it is to capture the Elf and reclaim the secrets of “El Dorado” for their own sinister purposes. Alex and Jackie are given a coin to lure the Elf out into the open. This story tells a tale covering centuries and continents. The author weaves adventures from medieval times to the present in order to tell a compelling story of fantasy, mysticism, suspense and adventure covering the pursuit from Asia to Europe to America.

Thank you, Deborah.