July Fan Giveaway – And we have a winner . . .


Congratulations to Rebecca Elizabeth Priestley for being the first name out of the hat for the July Fan Giveaway.

This month’s prize? – That (highly) limited edition Elf of Luxembourg Jigsaw: being a montage of the photographs that are featured at the start of each chapter.

And I do mean limited edition, folks – For there are only two in the entire world. I’ll keep one and Rebecca now owns the other one, provided of course that she responds to this announcement within 72 hours, otherwise all the names go back in the hat for a redrawing.

Sorry to everyone else for not winning this time, but we’ll try again on August 1st, when the prize will be . . .

To have a chance at winning, the only requirement, as usual, is that you have to like the facebook page, so if you haven’t already done so, click the like button.