This series is awesome

The Elf of Luxembourg

Arianna Grainey of ReviewTheBook. reviews The Elf of Luxembourg.

 Émile is out working in his grandfather’s field one day in 1924 when Belle’s hoof gets stuck in a deep hole. The family rushes to the cow’s side and finds many ancient artifacts. Archeologists from the Louvre want to take control of the dig, but the family will not allow it. The archeologists accuse Émile of fraud. The story then flows to what is now Colombia and a man named Cuchaquichá who is a musican. (The Musicans are similar to the Aztec or Incan people.) It is the day before the solstice and they are electing a new president. Cuchaquichá was picked to act as the guard for the new Zipa (president). He was also to perform the ceremony where a god who come out of the Vision Snake’s mouth. But rather than calling a god, he calls Bochica, a traveler. Cuchaquichá is entrusted with a message for the gods. During the ceremony Zipa offers himself to the gods, the Spanish come and take Cuchaquichá’s wife and son hostage. The story then goes to Jackie sitting in a café in Luxembourg with her sister Alex and their Aunt Anne. Aunt Anne told the girls that one of them needed to learn French and the other German.  This leads the girls to be able to flirt with the waiters. Later in their trip they meet an Elf. This Elf needs the girls’ help to fulfill a prophecy. But you need to read the book to find out what that prophecy is!

I love how Tom Weston works into his books history and it is never boring. This series is awesome. I love Alex and Jackie and can’t wait to see where they visit in the third book, which they give a hint to at the end of book two. IT is IRELAND!  Even though this is the second book in the series, you can really read this book without reading First Night. That is another reason that I love this series, they can stand on their own. I definitely cannot wait until book three comes out. 

Thank you, Arianna and ReviewTheBook.