Schueberfouer . . .

“Where are we eating?” asked Jackie.
“Luxembourg has plenty of great places to sit and eat,” said Uncle Jim. “But this is Schueberfouer! And at Schueberfouer, we don’t stand on ceremony. We grab a burger or mettwurst, and eat on the go.”
“So we do stand on ceremony.”
“Oh, yes, I suppose we do.”
“Mettwurst?” asked Alex.
“Sausage,” replied Aunt Anne. “A local variety.”
“Ah, mettwurst, there’s nothing else quite like it,” said Uncle Jim.
“I can believe that,” agreed Alex.
“You should have seen him at the Christmas Market,” said Aunt Anne. “Every chance he got, he’d be over there with a mettwurst in one hand and a glass of glühwein in the other.”
“But they’re not available all year round; you have to make the most of the opportunity,” Uncle Jim protested in self defense.
“What do you put on it?” asked Jackie.
“Oh, the same as any sausage: ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, peppers and onions,” replied Aunt Anne. “Whatever you fancy.”
“And a pair of goggles,” added Uncle Jim. “They have a tendency to spit when you bite into them. If you’re not careful, they can take out an eye.”

The Elf of Luxembourg, Chapter 11 – Schueberfouer