The Elf of Luxembourg Review – Overall, very brilliant book!

The Elf of Luxembourg

Ruby Escalona for Review The Book.

The Elf of Luxembourg centers around two teen girls, Alex and Jackie, who are currently on a vacation with their aunt and uncle in Luxembourg. Little did these girls know that they were part of a prophecy, and their happy go lucky lives of shopping and just living as teens would quickly turn. They find out they have amazing potentials, and of course, they get to meet paranormal creatures such as elves and vampires!

Thoughts: Who would have ever thought to put elves and vampires in a novel? It’s just brilliant! Usually it’s just wolves vs vamps, but hey, this novel provides a breath of fresh air in what has become a stagnant paranormal cliche.

I also love the fact that the author has decided to set his tale in a real city, and provides information on the places to see, and where to eat!  It honestly makes me want to go to Luxembourg, like, right now.

The presentation of the story is brilliant too. I love the author’s writing technique. Every chapter is a breath of fresh air — even if you’re traveling from one story to the next, and you’re presented with a specific scenario, you never get lost as you are reading the tale. It’s easy to follow, plus the German and French phrases are also a plus. I learned a lot reading this book! Both geographically and language-wise, of course.
What I am not too happy about is the cover — for a great tale, it needs a more striking cover, nothing like the one that is available right now. please change the cover to something else, something more eye-catching!

Overall, very brilliant book! I would definitely recommend reading it!

4/5 stars for me! 

Thank you, Ruby.