Banned Books Week

What do Huckleberry Finn and Harry Potter have in common? At one time or another someone has tried to deny us the right to read them. How about Twilight or To Kill a Mockingbird? Same thing.

On the podcast the other night, my host Barry Eva had a little segment about the dangers of censorship. I added my 2-cents worth, which is unusual for me, because I see my self as a story-teller, not an activist.

Everyone here has a right to their opinions and because I respect that, I try not to not use this page as a platform for politics, but as an author, I take the censorship of books very seriously.

So, I’d like to mention to everyone that this is Banned Books Week, and I urge freedom lovers everywhere to go out and read a good book – preferable one of those that has been the subject of censorship.