There be Monsters! – Spotlight on Tony Impieri


Probably the most important choice I had to make in bringing the story from the pages and onto the screen was in my choice of an actor to play The Narrator. I knew that the narration would set the tone for the whole project – the style, the characters, the sets, the camera movements, the music – they were all captive to the narration. So I consider myself very fortunate that Tony picked up the script and agreed to read for us. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but his reading and timing were impeccable.

Tony Impieri has been a voice actor for more than 2 decades, voicing literally thousands of radio and television commercials. as well as e-learning and corporate projects. From Ace Hardware . . . to Zimbrick BMW . . . and every “letter” in-between, companies around the world rely on Tony for what he brings to their projects . . . honesty and sincerity both on and off the mic.

For 25 years he has been doing what he loves best . . . breathing life to the written word.

Thanks, Tony, for breathing life into There be Monsters!

Tom Weston