Because I am a GiRL

The first thing than amazed me about Lise Meitner was how she overcame the sexism of her time; being born in Vienna in 1878 meant that, as a girl, she was not allowed a high school education. In spite of this set-back, Lise went on to accomplish the great things as retold in my book, Fission.

To honor Lise, we are happy to support the Because I am a GiRL campaign by Plan, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children since 1937.

If you purchase Fission (from this site or elsewhere), a portion of your purchase will go to PlanUSA. If you’d like to donate directly, you will find a little donate button for PlanUSA on this page. All donations made through this link go directly to PlanUSA and not to me.

Visit the Because I am a Girl Web Page for more information. Or get involved with your own national/regional Plan office. Because sexism still exists in our society and somewhere out there, the next Lise Meitner is fighting to overcome it.