Dancing Daisy Day to be animated!

Just how did a little girl called Daisy happen to have a Holiday named after her?

Coming soon! Dancing Daisy Day: the animation. Written, Produced and Directed by Tom Weston; Narrated by Tony Impieri; featuring the music of Roger Subirana.

2012 gets off to a great start with the announcement that following the success of There be Monsters!, we will be bringing another Tale from the Green Dragon Tavern to the Silver Screen. Work has commenced on the animated short: Dancing Daisy Day.

Yes, Billy, George, Ron and Tom are back!

And we are really excited that Tony Impieri has returned to reprise his role of the Narrator; and that the highly addictive music of Roger Subirana will also feature.

It’s early days yet, but in the meantime you can read the short story here.