First Review for Feathered

Readers Favorite Book ReviewsRating: 5.0 stars

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers Favorite

“The book Feathered: being a fairy tale” by Tom Weston is a fun adventure into the world of fantasy. Who has not laid back and dreamed of some handsome Prince coming and sweeping them away to marriage. I know I have but perhaps Alexandra did not picture it happening to her quite the way it did. Thanks to her younger trouble making sister Jackie, Alexandra is stuck in the 11th century and being forced to marry a Viking Prince. Jackie would likely be willing to help her older sister except for the small fact that she is still in modern times and dealing with a slew of her own issues.

Tom Weston has truly created a fun and intriguing world full of Vikings, Fairies and strange sounding songs that could almost be a Sirens song of sorts. To use an old term the yarn that Tom Weston spins within Feathered is something that grips you and makes you want more. The scenes in Ireland to me were painted so vividly I could almost smell the peet and see the green rolling hills.

This was the first Tom Weston book I have read and I did not know initially that the Alex & Jackie adventures are a series. I did feel when reading just at the very beginning that perhaps I was missing a little bit of information, and after finding out it was a series I now know why. That said however this book could easily be a standalone. Tom Weston introduces you to the characters with great detail and information so you feel like you know them, even with that small niggle I might have missed something early on it did not take away from my true enjoyment of this book.

I would recommend “The book Feathered: being a fairy tale” to any reader of the fantasy and mythology genre. It is so fresh and inviting with a plot that to me was very unique. I plan on going back and reading more about Alex & Jackie and I very much look forward to seeing what else Tom Weston has planned for adventures.

Thanks, Kathryn and Readers Favorite