The Green Dragon Tavern

2014 will be the Year of the Dragon

No, not in China, where the Horse will take its turn, but at tom weston media. We are happy to announce a full workload for 2014, which revolves around the Tales from the Green Dragon Tavern. In addition to the previously announced Dancing Daisy Day, work is underway on two brand new projects which we hope to deliver next year.

First up is a film version of the story, Christopher Wren Builds a Cathedral, for which we are delighted to have secured the services of director, C.J. Revan. C.J. and her cast and crew will be filming this live-action short in the U.K.

Christopher Wren Builds a Cathedral

Then in another first for tom weston media, Tom is set to direct a film called, Keepers of the Flame. This film will combine documentary footage from the campaign to save the Fenton War Memorial with an animated version of a new Green Dragon Tale of the same name. The Christmas Card precursor to this project can be seen here.

And to start the year in style and as a small Christmas present to you, we have a brand new Tale from the Green Dragon Tavern called, How to Marry a Princess. Read it in the tavern while enjoying a cup of the landlord’s famous hot mulled spice wine.

How to Marry a Princess

Here’s to an exciting 2014.

Happy Holidays,



Spotlight on Hannah Sheehan

We are happy to announce that Hannah Sheehan has returned to help us on Dancing Daisy Day. Hannah provided much of the original music for There be Monsters!, including the beautifully haunting song, ‘Go’ which we used during the closing credits.

For Daisy, Hannah will be once again scoring the incidental music as well as providing the song which will feature in the opening credits of the animation.

Welcome back, Hannah, we are lucky to have you.