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Fenton Town Hall and War Memorial

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In Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, the town where I was born, concerned citizens have taken up the quest to save the Great War Memorial, a precious and unique treasure made of Minton tiles, and currently residing in the former Fenton Town Hall.

To this end, they have created a petition to draw attention to this issue.

Please take the time to watch this short 2 minute video and visit to view and sign the petition. Also visit The Friends of Fenton Town Hall on Facebook for further information.

For the duration of this campaign, all author royalties from the sale of FISSION, no matter where purchased, will go to this worthy cause. You can also donate to the cause directly by clicking on the following button.

Donate to the #Fenton498 Campaigns




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Thanks to Amazon’s new kindle Matchbook program, if you purchase the Print Edition of any of Tom’s books, you will be able to download the kindle version for free. This program also applies to past purchases 🙂

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Johnny Daly, Master Storyteller

When people ask, I like to say I’m a storyteller, but here in Ireland I am merely a visitor in a nation of storytellers; and here in Dublin I was lucky enough to spend the evening in the presence of Master Storyteller, Johnny Daly – and Johnny was at the top of his game. It was an enthralling evening of Fairy Tales, Folk Law and Traditional Music.

The perfect hosts for the evening were the Brazen Head, Dublin’s oldest pub, who kept me fully supplied with Guinness and piping hot Irish Stew.

Thank you, Johnny and the Brazen Head for a great evening.


The Wolf and Dulci Hour

On Monday, April 18th, I shall guest on The Wolf & Dulci Hour. It’s a podcast, so you can listen in where ever you are. Wolf and Dulci are legends in the iClone community (iClone being the software we used to create There Be Monsters!) and I shall still be on a high from the weekend, so I’m looking forward to some fun.