Feathered Press Kit

The Press Kit for Feathered can be downloaded through the following links:

If you would like to request a Hard Copy Press Kit Package from tom weston media, please send us an email via our Contact Form.

Fully Assembled Press Kit

This file combines all of the downloads in a single High Resolution PDF.

Click here to download the full Press Kit for Feathered (7.88 Mb)

Individual Files:

Press Kit Cover Page (2.71 Mb)

Book Synopsis and Back Cover (1.95 Mb)

Publishing and Purchasing Details (2.29 Mb)

Tom Weston Bio (3.36 Mb)

Reviews (1.94 Mb)

First Chapter (3.97 Mb)

Tom Weston Images(300 dpi Jpeg-RGB)

Tom Weston

Book Cover Images(300 dpi Jpeg-RGB)

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Half Size 900×1350 pixels
Quarter Size 450×675 pixels
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