Green Dragon Tavern

Welcome to the Green Dragon Tavern, where you’ll find a collection of Tom’s short stories. Order a good ale or the Landlord’s famous hot mulled spice wine and pull up a chair by the fire.

From the Midnight Tree
Does a Nursery Rhyme hold the key to a ghostly mystery?
Not Sentimental
Has Ben the Sheepdog outlived his uselfulness?
Dancing Daisy Day
How Daisy had a Holiday named after her? Click here for Dancing Daisy - The Animation.
There be Monsters!
Four friends set out to climb a mountain. Click here for There be Monsters! The Animation.
The Scrivener's Tale
William Caxton returns from Bruges with something that just might change the world.
Christopher Wren
Can Christopher Wren give the people what they want?
Here be Magic!
It's Christmas Time at the Green Dragon Tavern.
The Prodigal Son
Death comes to the Green Dragon Tavern.
How to Marry a Princess
Can Pip and Jemima live happily ever after? The law says not!