Praise for First Night

OK, we lied – this is not the unexpurgated truth. It has, indeed, been expurgated. Well, it seemed silly to repeat each and every review in detail, when it is far less work just to link to the original reviews. So consider this the edited highlights, and for a full game report you can always click on a link.

  First Night The Elf of Luxembourg

“Tom Weston takes you on an unforgettable journey . . .”
Angela Simmons reviewing for Review the Book.

“If more authors wrote like this for teenagers, they’d be a lucky bunch . . . impossible to put down.”
Nollaig Ryan reviewing for BCF Book Reviews.

“. . . inventive and warm-hearted.”
Darcy Odden reviewing for Review the Book.

“Tom Weston writes beautifully, his words almost poetic.”
Tiqa Khairi reviewing for GoodGirlsReadBooks.

“Such a great story and everyone should read it.”
Arianna Grainey reviewing for Review the Book.

“I would recommend this to anyone, especially those who love history and like to learn little facts while reading a good book.”
Must And Lust For Books!

“I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good ghost story.”
Billy Burgess reviewing for Review the Book.

“This was a cute story. I really liked the characters.”
So Many Books, So Little Time.

“Sarah, the Puritan ghost, provides a lot of the humor through her words and even her actions, which made reading this book fun.”
Bibliophiles ‘R’ Us.

“. . . pages and pages of a unique story full of mystery, humor and curiosity.”
Cinnamon reviewing for A Journey of Books.

“I relish when a book I wasn’t quite sure about reading turns out to be the reason I’m still awake come the early morning hours.”
Rebecca Boudin reviewing for Review The Book.

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down until I was done!”
Jenera Healy reviewing for Just Me!

“The first pages of First Night read, ‘Everything is connected…Figure out the connection later.’ Indeed, young readers might enjoy connecting the dots on this mystery from history.”
Pamela Victor reviewing for Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

“Five Stars . . . a good book with tons of information.”
Neah Kashmiri reviewing for Reader Views.

“Rating: Excellent . . . rich with scariness, humor, history and more than a little mystery. . .This is an excellent book on many levels.”
Rod Clark reviewing for

“Five Stars . . . Extremely Unique . . . like no other book I’ve read . . . I highly recommend this book.”
Cassie Mae reviewing for


5 Responses to Praise for First Night

  • Amy says:

    I loved this book!! It is a nice quick, fun read. It kind of reminds me of Dickens meets the 21st century. Basically it is about two girls from CA who come to visit their aunt and uncle in Boston on First Night. It is chock full of great Boston landmarks and bits of history. Anyway, the girls, who are exploring First Night sans aunt & uncle, encounter Sarah Pemberton who is a ghost seeking their help to save her from being condemned a witch. I know it sounds a bit odd, but there is some time travel involved and some thought provoking sentiments about how we are all connected in the universe….I can’t wait to read Tom’s next adventure book!!!

  • Susan says:

    i loved the first night it kept me on the edge of my seat
    waiting to see if sarah was going to make it or was we going to lose jackie or alex ,phew what a great story
    thanx x

  • Nollaig Ryan says:

    Just finished reading First Night – fantastic novel. Thoroughly enjoyed it – so much so that I wandered to this website immediately to leave a personal message saying I WANT MORE and therefore also to obtain details on the forthcoming second installment! Looking forward to it.

    Full review available at and at my homepage as of tomorrow morning.

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