Praise for The Elf of Luxembourg

OK, we lied – this is not the unexpurgated truth. It has, indeed, been expurgated. Well, it seemed silly to repeat each and every review in detail, when it is far less work just to link to the original reviews. So consider this the edited highlights, and for a full game report you can always click on a link.

  First Night The Elf of Luxembourg


“. . . an exciting, fast-paced sequel . . . Tom Weston has wonderfully blended historical facts with supernatural fiction.”
Billy Burgess reviewing for Review the Book.

“I recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure novels.”
Alien Lurker Reviews.

“I gave this book to my daughter, and she loved it too.”
Lonna H. Reviews.

“Read it. You’ll like it.”
Louise Kennedy Internet Shopper.

“A great Sequel.”
Michael Harrison Revies.

“. . . So get it now because it is one that you will talk about to everyone.”
M. Stanhope Defining Normal.

“. . . whether young or young at heart, it’s a story that can be enjoyed by all.”
G. Reba Reviews.

“Awesome Read!”
Jennifer S. Reviews.

“. . . Author Tom Weston does a beautiful job setting up this story, and it is a wonderful sequel to his first . . .”
Amy Willingham reviews.

“. . . a thoroughly enjoyable tale of hope, love and mythical beings.”
Roger Y. Reviews

“. . . I loved the details and twists in the plotline.
Bookshipper Blogspot Reviews.

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