There be Monsters – About the Film


THERE BE MONSTERS! is a short animated film, appropriate for all ages.

Running time is 9 minutes, 13 seconds.

Director: Tom Weston – first project

Language: English

Subtitles: English/French/German/Spanish

Display Aspect Ratio: 16×9

Screening Options:

[NTSC] DVD | Blue-ray

[PAL] DVD | Blue-ray


Leaving the safety and comfort of their village, Tom, Billy, George and Ron set out to climb a mountain. Along the way, they meet an Inn-keeper and his daughter, a Farmer, and even a King in a fairytale castle. At every stop, they are warned about the monsters that lay ahead.

But things don’t always work out as planned, and as they proceed, the four friends will each have to decide for themselves where their real quest lays . . . monsters notwithstanding.

The Production

THERE BE MONSTERS! was first published as a short story on July 20th, 2009, on the Internet Blog, A Journey of Books. Writer, Tom Weston, then decided that the story would make a good first project for his fledgling production company, tom weston media.

In February of 2010, Tom contacted composer, Hannah Sheehan, and invited her to contribute music to the soundtrack.

Voice-over Artist, Tony Impieri joined the project in April of 2010. His narration of the short story was recorded the same month.

Animation began in May of 2010 and was completed in November of the same year, predominantly using the animation software, iClone, from Reallusion, Inc.; a number of the sets and costumes were designed by members of the iClone user community.

Also in the month of November, Hannah Sheehan agreed to the use of her song, GO, for the closing credits – And that just about wrapped it up.

A Word from Tom Weston

The idea for THERE BE MONSTERS! came about in answer to a question I was asked, when I was on a book tour in support of my novel, FIRST NIGHT; the question being, ‘how did I end up as a writer?’ That led me to think about the choices we make in life.

The four friends in THERE BE MONSTERS! all make the choices that are right for them, and one choice is not necessarily better than an other. But, for me, when I am warned about the monsters, it fires up my curiosity.